How can email marketing help you retain customers?

Email marketing has been around for a while now, everyone receives some type of email marketing daily (unless you are very on top of your unsubscribing!) and it is something we are very much familiar with. However, as more companies adopt email marketing as a norm in their strategies, it’s ever more vital to be innovative to keep your customers engaged. Many use email marketing to find new customers, buying in data and sending to the masses to get their brand out there. But what many don’t realise is the use email marketing has in helping you retain customers and encourage repeat business.

So how can you use this service to help you retain your customers?

They can be personal and customisable

Want to make your customers feel special and loved? Then personalise your emails to them! With advances in software, you can now effortlessly pull your customers names into emails to appear as though you are directing them and only them. It is much more engaging to see a subject line like ‘Danielle, we’ve got some products you’ll love…’ as opposed to a generic ‘New products available online’.  According to research from Adestra in 2012, emails with subject lines that include the recipient’s name are 22.2% more likely to be opened. It’s so important to building relationships with current customers and past customers because it gives you a chance to speak directly to them, in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them. Use email marketing to effortlessly build loyalty and trust in your brand.

Everything is measurable

Retaining customers isn’t just about trying to hold onto every single previous customer. Some customers will only buy from you when your prices are massively reduced or your product wasn’t exactly what they required. The beauty with email marketing is you can measure it all! You can see who never opens your emails, who opens them often but never clicks through, overall you can see which customers engage and which one’s do not. You can then segment your lists to target those who engage more often than those who don’t. Retain the customers YOU want and stop wasting time on those you don’t.

Reward your customers!

Your customers are lovely, aren’t they? Too many companies don’t say thank you to their customers. They have purchased something from you, and all you do is try sell them more! Use your email marketing to say a great big thank you, and encourage them back with rewards such as an offer, discount or double points. The best way to retain customers is to reward them for coming back to you, but beware, you need to give them a reasonable time frame. Offering them 10% off their next order, but it expires in 2 days, isn’t likely to convert. They have likely bought what they desired/needed and don’t need anything more right now. But in 2 weeks? They may see something new and be more likely to purchase because of they still have that 10% off. The world needs more thank yous, do your part.

Keep customers informed

You’ve built a fantastic database of customers, so now you can use email marketing to keep them in the loop. Do you post blog posts? Competitions? A different way to retain customers is through content rather than products. Customers may not be consciously looking to buy, but after reading a blog post featured in an email, they really NEED the product in the post. Using email marketing to offer interesting content can lead to increased sales indirectly. If you prefer the ‘non sales’ approach, this could be an effective way to retain and reengage customers without coming across ‘spammy’.

Get feedback from those who support you

Having your own database of previous customers reaps many rewards. One of the rewards is you can get valuable feedback from your customers, not only making them feel appreciated, but also helping you refine and improve your service, in turn making it more likely they will come back again. Quite often, your customer may find a little annoyance on your site that slightly damages their experience, however they won’t follow through and vocalise this. Offering a simple, easy survey to their inbox gives them the chance to comment, without requiring too much effort.

Visually appealing and informative emails can be invaluable when it comes to compiling your marketing strategy. But we understand that sometimes you just do not have the time. Not only is it fantastic to find new customers, but you can keep the old ones  Ascend2 found email marketing technology is used by 82% of B2B and B2C companies. Are you part of the 18% that isn’t? 

Our team has a wide variety of experience when it comes to email marketing, so if you’d like to take the pressure off, get in touch today.

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