How are you tuning into the Olympics?

Four years in the making, the Olympics are finally here and the competition is well and truly in full swing. The event infected Great Britain as we hosted London 2012 and this year, we see Rio hosting the games. We’re fully supporting our Team GB and tuning into the games in every way we can. However there are so many different options now as to how to stay up to date from mobile app to virtual reality. Now, you really can never miss a thing – even if you are incredibly busy!

So, we ask, how are you tuning into this years Olympics?

Live TV

What now seems like a ‘traditional’ way to view the Olympics, watching via Live TV broadcasts is the go to medium. You can watch this via BBC One and BBC Four, which will broadcast 550 hours of action including the Red Button + feature. So if you have a rainy day inside, why not tune into the Olympics using the good old television.

Via your phone or tablet

Want to stay involved with everything to do with the Olympic Games? Then you better get the official Rio 2016 app!  The new version of the Rio 2016 app has the most up-to-date information on the Olympic schedule and results, medals, sports, athletes and teams, venues, maps and spectators guides. The Rio 2016 app will keep you continually updated with play-by-play results and real-time medal tables, alongside great coverage from competitions and events all over Rio.

There is also an individual app for Team GB to ensure you don’t miss out on any Team GB action, which allows you to set push notifications for all updates and latest wins! And of course, the best app you will need for watching both live and clips will be BBC Sport. You can add top stories alerts to get notifications for any Rio headlines and you can add the sports you love to My Sport.

Watching via your phone or tablet is perfect for those times you are away from your computer or TV but still want to watch your hero go for gold. Download the perfect app and make sure you don’t miss a second!

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is everywhere and now they are letting us viewers experience the Olympics in new ways. BBC Sport will have more than 100 hours of live programming available in virtual reality. The Multi-Camera coverage to view from different camera perspectives and includes daily 360 video highlights package of previous days event. The 360-degree video experience is coming to a few different sports, including men’s basketball, gymnastics and track and field, however this is only available at certain times, which you can see here.  Note: You must download BBC Sport 360, as it is a standalone app purely for this virtual reality experience, and standalone to the regular BBC Sport app.

Social Media

Too busy to actually WATCH the Olympics? Us too. This is where social media comes in handy. Twitter is always our favourite in following current events, as you can just search ‘Rio Olympics’ or #Rio2016 and get all the latest updates. Follow Team GB’s account @TeamGB and click on ‘Settings’ to turn on Notifications, or BBC Sport if you prefer a more international update. Every time they tweet, you’ll know! Alternatively, you can Like Team GB’s Facebook page or BBC Sport’s Facebook page, if you prefer to use this social platform.

Be careful of what you tweet, however. The IOC has gone on record saying they’re policing social media diligently, and posting GIFs or videos of the Olympics is strictly prohibited. There’s been reports of fans being banned from Twitter for posting them. It seems to go against the IOCs goal of openness to ban the use of the GIFs, and it seems to be a strange decision, but I digress.

Whether you’re a seasoned sprinted, or an armchair athlete, it seems you won’t be able to avoid Rio, so you might as well embrace it.


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