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Mobile Apps British Staff Cannot Live Without

Day in and day out, our team work tirelessly to create innovative, beautiful and intelligent mobile applications on both iOS and Android. To do this well and stay ahead of the trend, we encourage our team to get truly involved in the app world, focussing on the must have apps of today.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to share here with you the apps they couldn’t live without!

Ryan England – Founder and CTO
Moneybox: available on iOS 

“I recently found this app, which offers a new way of saving. You link it to your banking accounts and it’ll round up your spending and save to an investment account. Handy if you find saving difficult because you barely notice the pennies go. Get saving!”

Domainr: available on iOS and Android

“We have many startups come to us with amazing ideas, but no names! Domainr is great during the branding process for when you think of a great name. By using Domainr, we can perform multiple domain name searches at the touch of a button, ensuring the name is available to purchase prior to moving forward with it.”

Joe Allen – Full Stack Developer
Slack: available on iOS and Android 

“Slack is so useful to me when I’m outside of work hours. It helps me to easily stay in touch with the rest of the team and share anything interesting I find with them. It has to be one of those must have apps that are highly recommend if looking for a perfect instant messaging app for you and your team!”

OpenVPN Connect: available on iOS and Android
“OpenVPN Connect allows me to connect from different internet connections for testing. It offers packages that accommodate Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and iOS environments. Perfect to use when running through those final checks before passing on to the client.”
Chris Bratherton – Full Stack Developer
Pocket: available on iOS and Android
“I love using Pocket as it is a great app for saving posts, websites, links etc for reading later. Often, I find posts I want to read but don’t have the time, so saving them with Pocket is so handy. I mainly use the mobile app but it also has a handy chrome extension to save pages as you go.”
Feedly: available on iOS and Android
“Feedly is a pretty RSS reader. It is great for keeping up to date on blogs, news without having to switch around on multiple apps. It has been designed to be clean and offer a minimalist reading experience optimised for productivity. Joe uses it too – highly recommend!”
Simon Perry – Junior Developer
Whatsapp: available on iOS and Android

“I do a lot of sports and activities with my friends, so I am always in Whatsapp trying to organise and arrange my evenings. Whatsapp is much better than texting, because you can use it using Wifi alone, so perfect if you are without signal but have access to Wifi, and there is free Wifi everywhere these days…”

FAST Speed Test: available on iOS and Android

“I hate buffering and loading more than anything! So I use FAST Speed Test to check my internet speed and see if there are any problems. It’s a pretty big thing when developing to have a really good internet connection so this is a must have app that I often use!”

Danielle Weeks – Client Services Director
Fudget: available on iOS and Android

“I am the worst for managing my own money. As the organiser of the bills and savings in my house, finding a great budget app is crucial! Fudget is great for listing all of my outgoings and household income. It makes sure I can plan ahead and know what to pay out at the beginning of the month, so nothing is forgotten!”

Remote Mouse: available on iOS and Android

“At home, we watch TV in the Lounge and in our Games Room through computers, as I largely watch catch up TV on 4OD, iPlayer and Plex. I have Remote Mouse installed on my phone so that if the keyboard and mouse is too far away/not working, I can use my phone instead! It allows you to control the mouse, type using a keyboard and also has buttons for functionality such as ‘shut down’, ‘open Chrome’ etc. One of the must have apps for the lazy inside of all of us…”

We hope you enjoyed reading about what we believe are the must have apps here at British Software. Download these now, and if you fancy making your own, get in touch and let’s chat over a coffee!

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