A day in the life of a Client Services Director

We’ve made a commitment to take account management seriously. We not only want our clients to love us, but we want to ensure that they can trust us with any digital problem.

Due to this, back in August, Danielle, joined as our Client Services Director.

Heading up the account management team, Danielle’s role involves overseeing the management of the client accounts, from the moment of sign off right through to the final product and beyond. Danielle’s goal is to ensure our clients are lovingly looked after and all projects are kept on track!

So what does it take to be our Client Services Director? Here’s a peek:

Wakey Wakey

Alarm goes off, snooze until 7.15am. Once up, I start with a bit of yoga and a big mug of coffee to kick start my day. Depending on what is in the diary, I either dress smart or casual, based usually on whether I have client meetings or not.

Arrive into our lovely offices in Landsdowne, turn the heating up full blast and get some music on the go. Grab a second coffee and sit down to read through any new emails. Usually, I have a catch up with Ryan, our CTO, to discuss any new developments, problems or questions I need clarifying. I’ll usually give him a list of things I require to be done that day, and assess the project board to see if any post-its need moving about, or adding.


Once we’ve caught up, we hold our daily stand up team meeting to run through everything we are working on, and discuss any potential issues, allocating tasks accordingly among the team. It’s a great way to ensure that we’re all on the same page and that any problems are addressed. I’ll then plan the day and the rest of the week to ensure the developers are all allocated to the correct projects, and assign any urgent support fixes that have come in, to a developer.

If I’m not in a meeting, I will check my Trello board to see if there are outstanding tasks that require urgent attention. Any tasks that require working on that day will get written down in my diary – I love paper based organisation. I’ll then work on tasks such as putting together contracts for new clients, work orders for any new projects, invoices that need creating, or chasing!

By 12pm, I’ll check in with the developers regarding the projects they are working on, seeing if there are any urgent requests I need to discuss with clients, or general updates as to where they are in the project. I’ll review JIRA boards and check they are up to date with the developers working on them. I’ll then review the project board to see if any upcoming projects need to be assigned to a developer, and if any projects require testing before passing to the client.


Often, we have meetings or phone calls around 1pm. Myself and Ryan usually attend these meeting with current clients. For these we tend to give them any updates, answer any questions and plan any actions to be taken for any projects. i.e new features, SEO improvements and amendments for the next phase.

Then it’s lunch time! I often like to go to the gym at lunch for a run. The gym is only about 5 minutes walk away so I can squeeze a short run in my hour break. If not, I usually eat my lunch and chill out for the hour, catching up on social media and everyone in the office. I try to eat healthy, but sometimes I can’t resist a good ol’ Mac and Cheese ready meal!

Early Afternoon

Once I’m back to work, I will check back in with my emails, and address any emails that require my attention and pass across any that require either Ryan or Dan to follow up on. I will then review the current project’s progress again and see if there is anything new that needs discussing with the client.

We quite often have a lot of meetings. These are usually in the afternoon at some point, either client meetings or working with Dan to scope potential new client’s requirements. This time is also used for internal meetings, like experimenting with new technology, framework or platforms so that we can always be at the forefront of it for our clients.

If not in meetings, and when we have any new leads that we are quoting on, Dan usually handles the potential client up until quotation. Once he has put together a proposal and quote, I’ll work with him to review the document, feedback any changes and then pass back for him. If we have any new leads that are yet to be investigated, I will pull aside a developer to review the lead and put together expecting timings for the project. We will then put those timings, with associated costs, together in Basecamp to pass across to Dan or Ryan to progress further.

Late Afternoon

At around 5pm, I start to put together my daily updates on Basecamp for our clients. Usually, I assess JIRA and provide the client with an update as to what has been completed, what is in progress and what is upcoming. I will also answer any questions that may have arisen during the day, and put forward any questions that I require the client’s input on. I like to also perform daily reviews around this time to give the client a full insight as to what our developers have been working on. This will allow them to review and change priority of what is being addressed where needed.


All done and on my way home. It normally takes me about 45 minutes to get home in rush hour and then I’m straight onto making some dinner!

For anyone reading this, I hope you have found some insight into how account management  can work at British. In digital, due to fast paced nature of the industry, no day is exactly the same. But, I hope it allows you to gauge how a day within our client services team can look.

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