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CropDesk Mobile App

A cross-platform harvest management system and cross-platform mobile app designed for use in rugged, challenging environments.

The Brief

Farms all over the world employ pickers to pick and pack their produce, and keeping track of hours worked and productivity can be a challenge for all farmers, as well as their payroll department. CropDesk approached us with their vision to solve that problem, with a state-of-the-art harvest management system, which would require a bespoke cloud based system and a mobile app.

Project Length: 2 months to MVP, then ongoing
Completion: Q1 2016
Project Link: Click here
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The Process

CropDesk’s aim was to rapidly develop a minimum viable product that could be put in the hands of it’s users. Alongside the client, we set to work designing and prototyping the UI, before utilising the powerful Ionic Framework to develop a cross-platform mobile app, capable of handling all the day-to-day functions needed of the app, including barcode scanning, bluetooth printing and integration with a custom data storage API.

The Results

Immediate feedback from users in the field has been fantastic, with many impressed at the ability for the app to integrate deep into their phone’s OS without having to purchase additional hardware. Sales of the software are going strong and it’s already in production use at several farms throughout the UK.

Now that CropDesk are able to gather feedback and see how the app is faring in real-world use cases, we’re constantly refining the app and developing new functionality.Read more about our rapid app prototyping process here.


tonnes picked

Users of CropDesk have already picked over 570 tonnes of fruit & vegetables!

2 month

project delivery

From kickoff to the initial delivery of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) delivery was 2 months.

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