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Case Study

Rapid App Development for BudiPay

Consumer payments business BudiPay contracts British to develop a bespoke payments platform for mobile using rapid app development.

The Brief

BudiPay identified a need for a simple, trusted way of ‘pooling’ money together between friends using an easy-to-use mobile app. As a startup, time was of the essence, and the app needed to be delivered as fast as possible, to a limited budget.

Project Link: Click here
Project Length: 3 months
Project Delivered: Q4 2015
Mobile App Development

The Process

Our designers set out to develop a payment workflow that was intuitive to use and used as few steps as possible, implementing the PayPal payments API to add a level of trust to the process. We rapidly developed the app using the ionic app development framework allowing for a highly iterative testing and feedback loop.

BudiPay App in use on an iPhone 6
I was excited to build BudiPay, a group payment app, with British Software. The team supported us with calls with third parties and made great efforts to learn our industry thoroughly.
- Olly Whittle, Founder



In its first 4 months, BudiPay has been downloaded over 1000 times, with an active global userbase



Over £10,000 has been transferred between users on the platform

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