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When working with us as your eCommerce marketing agency, we’ll work collaboratively with you to gain valuable insights into the behaviour of your buyers and site visitors. Armed with this knowledge, we’ll help you create an audience-winning eCommerce marketing strategy that encompasses a multitude of disciplines, including ;

We recognise the specific challenges facing eCommerce companies, and understand how to harness the power of analytics and data to create a digital marketing strategy that will measurably improve your online revenues. We’ll use a combination of methods that suits you and your audience best, which we’ll determine during our initial phase of research and analysis, along with a set of agreed KPIs that we can both use to measure the success of your new eCommerce marketing activity, as well as any A/B testing we may recommend conducting.

Many eCommerce marketing agencies will focus on running promotions and deals, and these are of course valuable tools. But the real skill is knowing how to promote your product through all channels – taking into account seasonal trends and other outside factors that can influence consumer purchasing habits.

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