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Turn your customers into your brand’s volunteer marketing army

As your social media agency, we’ll work closely alongside you, not only to create engaging social media campaigns, but to instill a culture that enables and empowers your employees to use social media effectively. Our first step with most social media management projects is an education piece – this will allow your people a solid understanding of each of the social networks you’ll be active on, as well as the do’s, don’ts and faux-pa’s of each little micro-community. One thing that is common across all social channels is that people aren’t there to be sold to. Understanding that is the first step to successfully leveraging social media – it’s about creating relationships rather than direct, measurable ROI (this is actually one of the most debated topics in the online marketing industry – read more here).

We’ll use our considerable experience and killer social instincts to make sure that you’re both painting your brand in a good light, and engaging your customers through social channels, rather than just shouting aimlessly into the void (special mention to Twitter here). It’s important to note that social media marketing, if not carefully planned and considered, can actually be detrimental to your brand. There have been plenty of cases of high profile companies completely missing the mark with social – just watch the desperate video below. We wouldn’t be surprised if the social media agency associated with this fail lost a couple of contracts in the fallout!

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