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Rapid App Prototyping

Build, measure, learn

Rapid app prototyping is a creative process that allows mobile app developers to quickly create a functional prototype, also known as an MVP (minimum viable product – read more here). We first read about in a book – ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries. If you haven’t read it, we can highly recommend it. The principles outlined in the book refer not only to startups in the conventional sense, but also to teams and departments within larger enterprises. In fact, to quote the book:

“The lean startup methodology takes its name from the lean manufacturing revolution that Taiichi Ohno & Shigeo Shingo are credited with developing at Toyota.”

Eric Ries – The Lean Startup

Utilising rapid app prototyping means we can quickly iterate on an idea once feedback has been gathered from your users, and we’ve gleaned valuable insights from the data analytics, which we’ll set up within your app as standard. Our mobile app development team have a breadth of experience in developing applications for a number of differing user cases and sectors.

We’re in love with rapid app prototyping and it’s easy to see why. The speed that we can develop, measure and revise applications is a real boon for startups and established businesses alike. We’re strong advocates of this approach to mobile app development, and the we often use the Ionic framework – a fantastic tool to facilitate this revolutionary process.

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