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Design is different from art in that it is supposed to be functional

Responsive web design is finally getting the attention of the mainstream. For years people have been struggling to use poorly designed websites on mobile devices, but now more and more websites are getting a responsive make over. 28% of online transactions are now completed on a mobile device, and this figure is set to explode over the coming few years. It’s not just online conversions that matter though – with over half of all internet traffic originating from a mobile device, people are increasingly using their mobile phones to guide their purchasing decision.

“28% of all online transactions are now completed on a mobile device”

Responsive Web Design Example

We’re experts in responsive web design, and test across multiple devices and browsers to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience. Unless there’s a very good reason, we recommend everything we build is fully responsive – even complex web apps. Proper planning and thought along with customer feedback allows responsive design to be a cornerstone of what we do, whatever the application.

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